The one-click backup.


Funny Backup

For creation of backup copies of your data, you any more do not need to enter a path and passwords each time, it is enough to enter once and on pressing of only one button your data will automatically backup in a zip file.

Create tasks for reserve copying having pressed this button.

Think up the name. Choose the data for reserve copying. Choose a way of preservation and a name of a file for a backup copy. If will wish, enter the password.

Choose tasks for reserve copying.

If in options is chosen to add date to a file name to the file name date and time and a backup copy will be added will remain in a new file, old copies too remain. Otherwise the previous backup copy will get into by a new backup copy. It is recommended to add date to the file name.

Press for backup copy creation. Wait messages on successful end.

All data will remain in a broad gull. For restoration press Restore and choose the task. The program will automatically suggest to restore back, but you can change a restoration way if want.


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